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Detox your mind and gift yourself 144 years of cosmic evolution in one hour

Donation Based
Kriya Breath Work & Meditation

Every Wednesday | 5pm PDT | Zoom
Kriya Yoga is an instrument through which human evolution can be quickened. The ancient yogis discovered that the secret of cosmic consciousness is intimately linked with breath mastery.
-Sri Yuketswar (Autobiography of a Yogi)

Through Regular Practice of Kriya Breath Work, You Can Expect To...

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Physically, emotionally and spiritually heal

Improve brain and memory health

Release anger, resentment, fear, doubt or low self-esteem

Improve circulation

Increase energy
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Cleanse and unblock your chakras

Free yourself from karmic burdens

Establish deeper connection with Self, Source, Spirit, God, The Universe

Strengthen connection with your intuition

Achieve deeper levels of awareness and consciousness
Replace stress, worry & anxiety with feeling calm, centered & peaceful
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Detox your mind and explore the depths of your consciousness

Every Wednesday | 5pm PDT | Zoom

How Kriya Breath Work affects your brain?

Your 5 Brain Waves:

Delta: slowest, deep sleep, no dreaming or consciousness

Theta: Accelerated learning, subconscious, inner bliss, not fully awake or asleep, free flow state without censorship or guilt, ‘tuned out’ but awake

Alpha: Faster than theta, in subconscious and conscious, relaxed attention, increased creativity, inner silence, can change behavior

Beta: Fastest, increases stress, impedes learning and connection, distorts information, strongly engaged mind

Gamma: highest frequency brainwave, genius, ecstasy, spiritual experiences, intuition

The 4 Aspects of Your Mind:

Manas: intake of information (absorption of data), ability to remember and process information (memory)

Buddhi: intellect- organizes, translates, and gives meaning to information (how we make sense of things) 

Ahamkara: ego- takes ownership of the information, creates identity and separation

Chitta: pure unbounded consciousness

A consistent Kriya practice will increase Alpha, Theta and Gamma while reducing Beta waves ultimately allowing you to experience more Chitta

Detox your mind and explore the depths of your consciousness

Every Wednesday | 5pm PDT | Zoom

Types of Kriyas that you will learn...

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Breath (Pranayama) Kriya

Compared to a pranayama, a breath kriya is more complex and has more layers, working on a subtler level to create a more meditative effect.

Laya Movements

Laya means ‘celebration from the heart.' Laya is marked by soft, slow, spiral movements that link, unify and integrate energy. These movements activate the flow of wisdom in the body and give you an opportunity to dive deep.

Mantra Kriya
Power Kriya

Power Kriyas are meant to shock the nervous system to initiate deep, profound shifts on a cellular level.

Mantra Kriya  includes a specific mantra, chanted in a particular way, in order to invoke a desired energetic response.

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Chi Movements

Chi movements attune our senses to the flow of prana and bring our awareness to the energetic body; teaching us to master our energy. Chi movements increases and expands, calms, centers, grounds and integrates the energy


Hosted by
Jared Schuster

Jared Schuster has been practicing the yogic arts since his youth and received his first 200 hour yoga teacher certification in 2014 whilst studying under Yogis in India.


Upon returning from India, Jared was involved in a near death experience that left him bed ridden for close to a year to practice these ancient teachings, first, on himself.


His healing journey led him to Ecuador where he spent a year studying under Shamans, 6 months of which he managed a shamanic healing retreat center high in the Andes Mountains.


Jared blends a unique set of tools gathered from his travels, studies and life experiences to bring these teachings to people far and wide.


Jared has a 200 hour multi-style yoga teaching certification, 100 hour Anusara elements teaching certification, 50 hours of Himalayan Kriya Yoga certification, Infinite Possibilities® certified trainer, Playing The Matrix® certified trainer and is a certified professional life coach.


To read more about Jared’s journey click here.

"What a true teacher can do for you is help you to develop your own magnetism. He will not impose on you his own."

Detox your mind and explore the depths of your consciousness

Every Wednesday | 5pm PDT | Zoom

I am honored to offer this class as fully donation based. Having witness countless others, including myself, receive the profound healing benefits that Kriya breathwork offers, it has become my mission to make these teachings accessible to all, regardless of your financial standing.


To register, fill out the form below with your name and email. Upon registering you will receive a confirmation email with a link to access that week’s live class.


Cutoff for each week’s registration is 4pm (PT). 

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