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Traveling To Consciousness.png

Traveling To Consciousness

Consciousness in-habits all of us. It's something that humans have interfaced with our entire existence. Enjoy an UNCUT, UNCENSORED, and RAW conversation with Clayton as he sits down to understand how his guests have used consciousness and spirituality to manifest their unique human experience.

We Are Everyone.png

We Are Everyone

“First, the self has to be excavated and confronted before you can possibly confront the rest of the world.”

Julianna Wexler, founder of Parama, myself and host Jenn Sherman discuss the importance of examining our values and wielding our authentic emotions to create spaces in life and work that best serve us.

Triggered To Life.png

Triggered To Life

This podcast episode is filled to the brim with tools, tips and tricks to step into a more rewarding life. We cover a broad range of topics including; how to deal with unprocessed emotions, living society’s dream vs. your own, following a life path towards joy, pivoting into a more spiritual path, navigating an eating disorder, traveling the world, the healing properties of plant medicine and cultivating gratitude for the pain you’ve experienced.

Cami Wolff is a very experienced host that is able to extract the right information from her questions.

You won’t want to miss this!

Spiritual Enchantress.png

Spiritual Enchantress

Life is a rollercoaster of events, emotions and things that are out of our control. If you ever feel like your suffering or you don't know how to move forwards from the pain of the past and traumas you have endured, then you might find this an interesting listen!

you will gain tools for turning pain into gain…

Grieve with Ease.png

Grieve With Ease

Join Martika Whylly and myself as I share my experiences with the death of my father. Being raised by my mother and dealing with confusion to anger from a car accident years later. Hear how travel and mediation helped me heal my anger of losing my father.

In this episode of the podcast, we talk about confusion, anger and having a near death experience helped me to face the pain and heal. I talk about how gratitude transcends the victim consciousness.

Toxic Masculinity.png

Toxic Masculinity

Join Shari Lewison-Frisch and myself, as I share my journey to being the man I am today. We talk about the role/purpose that men feel they need to fulfill in our current society, ways to balance the masculine and feminine within each of us, how other cultures handle gender norms, and why it is so important that we all start working on our communication skills.

Shari is on a mission to bring more balance into our world and it comes across so well in this interview!

Made for More.png

Made For More

Join Ally Nitschke and myself as she welcomes me on her podcast that provides advice on tangible and tactical skills to level up your leadership. Including your leadership mindset, to lead yourself, your team and your organization.

Our episode goes deep into my own healing journey and ways that you can start ‘sparking your own consciousness’ in our busy world.

This is a very special podcast where we talk about spiritual healing, Ecuadorian healing ceremonies, and how to find your life's purpose.

You won’t want to miss this!

The Human Resolve.png

The Human Resolve

Listen here as the ‘script gets flipped’ and I get coached by renowned life coach, Savio Clemente. The Alchemy Coach gets coached in this special podcast!

Take a journey inside what’s my fears and blockages are around growing my own business. Just because I coach people on their own limiting beliefs does not mean I do not have my own, which is why I enjoyed opening up and getting vulnerable with Savio.

Stick around to the end where Savio and I have an open discussion around life and growth…

There may be some nuggets of wisdom for you!

Hulu Nation.png

Hulu Nation

Join Hulu Amen Ra (founder of Hu Nectar Superfoods) and myself as we discuss the power of mindfulness and how meditation can bring balance to your life.

Hulu is an accomplished healer turned entrepreneur which made this podcast super fun to record. I feel grateful to have crossed paths with Hulu in this lifetime. There’s a lot to learn from him!

We jump right into everything metaphysical and offer action steps you can start taking right now to lead a more fulfilling life.

Give this a listen and see what you think!

Unlocking your world of creativity.png

Unlocking Your World Of Creativity

Author Mark Stinson and myself, have an excellent chat about owning the inner artist that resides within us all. We speak on how society has spent so much of our lives conditioning half of our brain while neglecting the other half and we also talk, in-depth, about the Life Alchemy Masterclass on Manifestation and how it can be used to help you in your creative processes.

Gift yourself 30 min and learn some new tools to become the artist that you are!

Screw The Stigma.png

Screw The Stigma

Join Afrah Shahul and myself, as we discuss how to break free from societal norms and live a purposeful life. In this interview we discuss a wide range of topics such as working at a young age, letting go of self doubt, traveling the world, ways to combat depression, how to find your true path in life and so much more…

Afrah brings a very special spark in seeking answers to questions so many of us face in our lives.

Corporate School Dropout.png

Corporate School Dropout

My first ever podcast! In this interview I join Lauren Allen to talk about my journey to ‘drop out’ of corporate America to pursue my dreams of traveling, studying, and being my own boss! This talk is filled to the brim with lessons that I’ve learned along my life path so far.

Lauren Allen is making big change happen in our world as she is on a mission to help people escape the rat race and find fulfillment in their lives.

Living Intentionally.png

Living Intentionally

Join Elisabeth Axiak and myself, as we dive into how Sparks Of Consciousness was born, how you can start living more connected to self, tips on finding your unique connection to mother nature, the importance of gratitude, how to begin manifesting your dream life, and why you shouldn’t fear meditation.

Elisabeth’s dedication to making our world a better place truly shines through this interview.

You won’t want to miss this!

Let's Grow Together.png

Let’s Grow Together

Come on a journey with Nick Bonitatibus and myself, as we discuss how to define YOUR version of success, what it’s like being an entrepreneur in this day and age, taking time to dream,  tips on how you can take time away from your job to pursue some new growth, finding new ways to travel, what mindfulness is, and goal setting to set yourself up for success. 

An energetic conversation filled with many nuggets you can start applying to your life today!

The Purpose Tune.png

The Purpose Tune

What does it mean to ‘keep your cup full’ so that you can best serve those around you? Tune into this interview with Khong Xiong and myself as we discuss this and other topics such as; tapping into your purpose through serving others, tips on how to find what fuels and motivates you, and how to bring your talents to the world!

Khong is on a mission to inspire people and share tools to finding the real reason why we are all on this earth. You’re not going to want to miss this one!

The Struggle is Real.png

The Struggle Is Real

Justin Peters is a very accomplished host and you’ll see why within the first few minutes of listening to this interview. Justin and I talk about my journey around world and ways you can start doing the same, networking skills that work, overcoming trauma, and uncovering your purpose.

This interview is packed with actionable tips that you can immediately start applying to your life!

Soul Tears.png

Soul Tears

Listen as Sean Bloch and I discuss the importance of feeding yourself and not your ego. In this interview I share with Sean my journey that has brought me to today and ways that we can all start living a more fulfilling and purpose-filled life. This episode will help you go from striving to thriving.

Sean is a great human that is dedicated to helping people tell their stories, express their passions and tap their true potential!

Overcoming Odds.png

Overcoming Odds

TedX speaker Oleg Lougheed and myself, have a great conversation about what it looks like to reconnect with self while the world around you feels so disconnected. In this interview we discuss the current state that our world is in and ways that you can start using the challenges we are all facing as a way to propel you forward.

Oleg has dedication and determination to change our world and he is doing this one conversation at a time!

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