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Praise and Accolades…

 “Jared came into my life at the perfect time.

Thank you to the Universe for sending him to me as my spiritual guide. My life has transformed, the way I show up everyday is so different and how introspective and present I am in moments is magical. I discovered my superpower and worth after working with Jared. 🙏🏻”

- Jenn Sherman, Founder at The Influencer Collective

Jenn Sherman.jpeg

“Besides a friend and a magnificent good-hearted person, Jared is also... a top-skilled-coach, master of the mind and positive thinking, channeling wisdom and truth, connecting to source and lifting you up to your highest vibration. So that you: returning to your own beautiful inner being that you are, can choose your way into the life you wish to lead and have your dreams manifested.”

- Magali Van Ballaer

“I have always had trouble keeping good head space, maintaining positivity, and I have always tended to gravitate towards worse case scenarios.

However, since I have been working with Jared, I have been able to at least start to really shift my awareness in much healthier and more positive direction.

It's helped with calming my mind and staying in a positive head space which has resulted in a much better mental state for me.”

-Ryan Reilly

Ryan Reilly.jpeg

 “We all have our ups and downs.

During challenging times it’s a blessing to have an inspirational coach in our corner. 

Jared helps us tune into the abundance that is all around us in the present moment and to focus our efforts on our higher purpose.” 

-Anton Tkachenko

 “Jared is impeccable in his coaching style.

His broad knowledge about marketing is widely reflected in his guidance and one-on-one coaching. He helped clearly identify my target market, and develop a powerful communication strategy. I highly recommend Jared! His specialized consultation will save you a fortune in terms of money and energy!”

~ Maha Bodhi, CEO,


“Where to begin? At my most lost point in life, I met Jared. Traveling the high Andes in Ecuador with very little sense of self and direction, I had the honor of crossing paths with Jared. What started as a “random” interaction grew into a brotherly bond with the pursuit of growth. Mentally, Physically, and spiritually.

Jared has always had a keen eye for helping others find their purpose and supporting their vision throughout.

He understands that a path is more than one thing it accumulates all aspects of our journey. On my journey, he has helped me find my voice and use it he has garnered my compassion and confidence and he has done all this with a deep sense of humility and levity.

Jared will meet you where you are and bring you to the level you imagine, helping you break down walls of self-doubt.

My wall , was opening a sensory deprivation boutique. There is a way to alchemize your idea into being I learned from his process and pursued to break down the wall and open up Float Society.

If you’re looking to alchemize your life I truly believe Jared can assist you in pursuit of your best version.”

- Dominic Dastice, Founder, The Float Society (

“Jared and I met through a good friend of mine several years ago however it was during a camping trip to Mammoth that I was able to receive counsel from him.

Jared and I have always had very strong and meaningful conversations but it was during this trip that I realized his capacity to guide and inspire. One day he uninhibitedly asked me "Do you think you deserve love?" And as I tried to respond, I realized I had no idea what to say. This should be an easy answer, right? But the way he spoke and the conversation that ensued afterward would unbeknownst to me change the trajectory of my life for good. It was after this conversation that I became enlightened and inspired to set better boundaries and to grab my life by the reins.

Jared held space for me in such a manner that words cannot describe. His relentless capacity to see my areas of weakness and to stoke them gently but firmly is the skill of a true mentor.

One simple conversation shifted my whole path and lit a pilot light long extinguished. He will truly be an asset to your life's course. Take the leap of faith and allow him to restore your vigor for life!”

-Stephanie Stoddart, LCSW, San Diego California

stephanie stoddart.jpeg

“Jared is a laser beam of light and higher consciousness that sparks ⚡️ the light inside of hearts and minds of his clients and friends.

My experience with him and his work is a true example of what spiritual wisdom can have on the open mind and heart. I have had first hand experience of what the right words at the right time can do from a being such as Jared. The presence he holds is of a true brother of humanity, he is present to the point of extracting the right emotions from within to spark the right flow of mental energy which so often leads to marvelous breakthroughs. He is a true friend and gifted coach.
 Jared has been a pillar of truth and a pleasure to work with. I am honored to call him my friend.”

-Hulu Amen Ra, CEO, Hu Nectar Superfoods (

I met Jared by happenstance--my dog fell in love with him--that in itself is a high recommendation. Only to be supportive of his ventures, I enrolled in his 8 day Life Alchemy online course. I was so delighted by this course. I am no stranger to "healing/self-help" work; this was different. Easier. It breathes. It is solid, short and sweet. Then Jared suggested one-on-one coaching. His pricing was competitive but I have been a C-level executive for the last 25 years and also, did not put much stock in life coaches. I commited to four sessions (again mainly to be supportive of him) and I am now on my 8th session.

His work is amazing. His work ethic is amazing. He has a natural ability to flow and get others to flow. You feel safe and I am actually and surprisingly feeling so much better, clearer, and stronger. He's a smart man with a clear mind.body.heart connection.

It has been a tremendous gift to myself. I also purchased his Five Minute Life Navigations which have really helped my daughter with some stressful situations. Highly, highly recommend.

-Leslie S.


“After years of suppressing anxiety and depression I was beginning to think that this would be the new norm for me and my life. However, after meeting Jared his compassion and caring spirit quickly made me feel comfortable to open up and talk about past trauma. As time progressed, he introduced me to meditating which taught me to face my past and come to peace with it.

Because of his guidance I no longer suffer from anxiety or depression and loving my life like I never have before - I only wish I would have met Jared sooner.”

-Emily Stewart, San Diego California

Workshop Participants

Caroline T.

“Jared was a wonderful guide in this exploration of manifestation and realization. Under his caring facilitation, we were able to bond very quickly as a group, creating a safe space to say out loud our hopes and acknowledge the fears and problematic beliefs holding us back. The experience was eye opening, brought me to a new level of awareness about myself and really helped me shift how I have been approaching specific areas of my life. Highly recommend!!”

Chris O.png

Chris O.

“I have been so inspired by the vulnerability and trust displayed by all the participants in the workshop. The example set by my fellow participants in sharing their dreams has inspired me to lean into this work of being open to the support of others as I seek to grow my circle and trust my intuition to direct my life.”


Elisabeth A.

“This workshop thoughtfully and wonderfully executed. I knew that attending one of Jared's workshops would be valuable and full of "a-ha!" moments!”


Chris R.

“Trying to find my strengths, goals and motivation has been a challenge for me. Jared has put together a magnificent workshop that allows us to look deep within, build confidence, and implement a plan to manifest a life of passion. Since the workshop, I have embarked on a journey towards my goals with confidence and faith that the universe has my back.”


Adam M.

“Jared at the core of who he is cares deeply about community, his workshop is deeply authentic and transformative.”


Helen M.

“This workshop thoughtfully and wonderfully executed. I knew that attending one of Jared's workshops would be valuable and full of "a-ha!" moments!”

“It was a great way to take pause and reflect. Kinda like church meets therapy meets TED Talk. Good stuff for conversations and looking within.”
-Paul H.

Jim B.

"Congratulations, you have been guided to Sparks of Consciousness life coach Jared Schuster.

You will find as I have, that Jared is a sage. He has a natural ability to provide you with guidance and support that will enable you to move forward and start embracing the life you've always wanted.

I am certain that after participating in his Art of Living Your Dreams Group Coaching Workshop you will feel as blessed as I do to have Jared to talk things out with."


Keara F.

“Jared brings a beautiful new perspective to the amazing information on how we can all reach any goal we desire through the infinite possibilities that exist within us and the universe. Whether you think you've "heard it all before," just know you've never heard it like this. Jared delivers the GOODS and creates true opportunity for transformation and success! You wont want to miss the next workshop!”


Diana S.

"Jared is an outstanding coach. He has a wealth of knowledge and expertise that he shares in such a warm and authentic way. He is kind, patient, articulate and allows his clients and students the ability to learn about themselves in a nurturing and safe environment.

I recently completed his Art of Living Your Dreams Group Coaching Workshop via Zoom with 11 other participants. I am usually shy about sharing personal issues with people I don’t know. Jared’s masterful facilitating made us all feel like family within minutes, most of us sharing deep personal revelations. I have also completed his 8 Day Life Alchemy Master Class which included his Life Navigation meditations. These are wonderful, quick reboots that give me a boost during busy times that return me to a place of feeling renewed, refreshed and a bit more balanced.

I am a huge fan and look forward to seeing what Jared brings to the table next!”


Danny D.

“I work with Jared personally in spiritual coaching, and this workshop has been a substantial additive to our individual sessions. Some parts may seem basic and slow at the outset, but they are simply building blocks to creating an understanding of the mindset & life approach he and this workshop aims to instill.”


Jeanne R.

“Jared is a living example of how this works as the perfect person to guide me through it. I only wish the course was longer than 3 weeks because I’m someone who thrives on accountability. I’d love to continue to do more on guided meditation and daily spiritual practice.”

Jen Calhoon.jpeg

Jen C.

“I have learned new ways to practice manifesting. I have also learned gratitude in a form I never was able to comprehend before, I truly felt gratitude for my life's work.”

“I enjoyed the content and breathing/visualizing exercises”

- Emilio Mestre


Jono L.

“I have had many journeys as I walk the road of life, and am always changing, growing, and discovering new passions. Many of the changes I make are driven by my desire to find purpose and be true to myself. This workshop has given me some wonderful tools to use to navigate the road ahead.”

Leanne M..jpeg

Leanne M.

“It was nice to meet more likeminded people and learn more tools to help me create the most fulfilling life for me..i enjoyed Jared's enthusiasm and passion on this topic.”


Alfred M.

“The course/workshop is very good. It covers a wide range of new thinking to expand ones life for the better. Jared, as our couch and facilitator, did an excellent job in communicating principles for an expansive life. Very clear and concise and presented in very non-threatening and non-judgmental manner.”

Ryan Reilly.jpeg

Ryan R.

“I found the course to be extremely interesting. There were a lot of amazing elements to absorb. I honestly couldn't absorb them all but that's ok. Jared reinforces that we can all go at our own pace.. baby steps in the right direction.”


Rebecca R.

“This workshop reinforced "Thoughts Become Things". During the workshop I was able to process and feel the energy of the topic and how to arrive there. So many wonderful actions were used to reinforce the topic. The group energy was wonderful and Jared was excellent at leading the class and initiating discussions.”


Aaron O.

“I was at a point where I felt the urge to connect with a tribe of like minded people. I can really get into solitude and nature but I feel I have something to offer and so when Jared had a class offering I knew it was a sign I needed to reconnect to my tribe. I am glad I was able to take action because I feel it has helped me keep my head in a good space.”

“I received encouragement that I'm not totally stuck and am on the right path.”

- Shirley V.

Jaime copy.jpeg

Jaime L.

“Great value for me, that help me understand more of whom I am and the power within me. Not to be afraid to become visible to the world and allow my light to shine. Jared's Spark of Consciousness is a must program to take!”

Leslie L..jpeg

Leslie L.

“Your warmth and genuine authenticity shine so brightly Jared. Your passion for your work and the benefits it can provide your students is so evident. I gained confidence and strength in my own knowledge just by hearing you validate me. Thank you.“


Scott P.

“Sparks of Consciousness is an opportunity to explore what really matters so you can, in fact, experience what really matters to you. Small steps, taken by faith, move you a long way. Jared serves as a concerned and committed guide.”

Dorothy T..jpeg

Dorothy T.

“I enjoyed this workshop, it was well paced, had good, thoughtful exercises and most of all got me moving towards my goals.”

Alaina M..jpeg

Alaina M.

“Thank you Jared for your loving support and gently guidance. The workshop was outstanding! I'm forever changed for it.”

June L..jpeg

June L.

“Absolutely enlightening as to what I can create my life to be by mastering the practice of my thoughts become things. One baby step at a time.”

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