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The Art Of Living Your Dreams

Virtual Workshop | New Dates Coming Soon | 5-7 PM (PST)
Join Our Community Of Manifestors And Learn The Art Of Living Your Dreams
Virtual Workshop | New Dates Coming Soon | 5-7 PM (PST)

What Will You Learn At “The Art of Living Your Dreams” Workshop?

The Power Of Your Thoughts

Understanding your thoughts is the first step in turning your dreams into a reality.

How To Take Action

Learn how to start taking baby steps in pursing your dreams.

Your Hidden Belief Systems

Uncover the beliefs you hold that are determining your perspective on the world.

Listening To Your Instincts and Hunches

Your instincts are a direct line of communication to the Universe.

Understanding Your Emotions

Our emotions serve as a shortcut to identify our hidden beliefs.

Having Faith In The Magical Universe

Fully trusting the process and allowing the Universe to work its’ magic.

The Meaning Of Life

What’s the point of it all?

The Art Of Living Your Dreams Workshop Is For Anyone Looking To Make Changes In Their Life, Align With A Supportive Community And Are Ready To Turn Their Thoughts Into Things.

“Jared was a wonderful guide in this exploration of manifestation and realization. Under his caring facilitation, we were able to bond very quickly as a group, creating a safe space to say out loud our hopes and acknowledge the fears and problematic beliefs holding us back. The experience was eye opening, brought me to a new level of awareness about myself and really helped me shift how I have been approaching specific areas of my life. Highly recommend!!”

- Caroline T.

"Congratulations, you have been guided to Sparks of Consciousness life coach Jared Schuster. You will find as I have, that Jared is a sage. He has a natural ability to provide you with guidance and support that will enable you to move forward and start embracing the life you've always wanted. I am certain that after participating in his Art of Living Your Dreams Group Coaching Workshop you will feel as blessed as I do to have Jared to talk things out with."

-Jim B.


Is “The Art Of Living Your Dreams” Workshop Right For You?

If you answer YES to any of the points below, then you belong in “The Art Of Living Your Dreams” workshop…

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… You’re ready toTHRIVE and not just survive!

— Attend The 3 Week Virtual Workshop —

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New Dates Coming Soon

It is strongly recommended that you attend the entire workshop.

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Choose Your Own Price




In light of these unusual times, we are offering flexible pricing. Regardless of which price you choose, you'll receive the entire workshop. Your payment allows us to offer content rich workshops at a reasonable rate.

If need be, additional scholarships are available upon email request.

—What Can You Expect From Attending This Workshop?—

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Gift Yourself The Time To Be Fully Present, Bring Your Favorite Journal & Pen And Come With An Open Heart And Open Mind.

The Art Of Living Your Dreams Workshop Includes:

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Join Our Community Of Manifestors And Learn The Art Of Living Your Dreams
Virtual Workshop | New Dates Coming Soon| 5-7 PM (PST)

Chris R.

"Trying to find my strengths, goals and motivation has been a challenge for me. Jared has put together a magnificent workshop that allows us to look deep within, build confidence, and implement a plan to manifest a life of passion. Since the workshop, I have embarked on a journey towards my goals with confidence and faith that the universe has my back."


Keara F.

“Jared brings a beautiful new perspective to the amazing information on how we can all reach any goal we desire through the infinite possibilities that exist within us and the universe. Whether you think you've "heard it all before," just know you've never heard it like this. Jared delivers the GOODS and creates true opportunity for transformation and success! You wont want to miss the next workshop!”


Adam M.

“Jared at the core of who he is cares deeply about community, his workshop is deeply authentic and transformative.”


Elisabeth A.

“I had multiple mindset shifts, including learning to be kinder to myself, to take small steps rather than being overwhelmed at the entire large goal, and to not afraid to be vulnerable in front of others. I was worried at first about all the sharing, but it really made my experience so much richer.”

Chris O.png

Chris O.

“I have been so inspired by the vulnerability and trust displayed by all the participants in the workshop. The example set by my fellow participants in sharing their dreams has inspired me to lean into this work of being open to the support of others as I seek to grow my circle and trust my intuition to direct my life.”


Helen M.

“I found Jared's workshop very useful from both the teachings as well as the support community he created through the group workshop. I have already begun to implement some of the learnings into my everyday life and I imagine will continue to shape my life in the future.”


"Jared is an outstanding coach. He has a wealth of knowledge and expertise that he shares in such a warm and authentic way. He is kind, patient, articulate and allows his clients and students the ability to learn about themselves in a nurturing and safe environment.

I recently completed his Art of Living Your Dreams Group Coaching Workshop via Zoom with 11 other participants. I am usually shy about sharing personal issues with people I don’t know. Jared’s masterful facilitating made us all feel like family within minutes, most of us sharing deep personal revelations. I have also completed his 8 Day Life Alchemy Master Class which included his Life Navigation meditations. These are wonderful, quick reboots that give me a boost during busy times that return me to a place of feeling renewed, refreshed and a bit more balanced.

I am a huge fan and look forward to seeing what Jared brings to the table next!”

-Diana S.

Join Our Community Of Manifestors And Learn The Art Of Living Your Dreams
Virtual Workshop | New Dates Coming Soon | 5-7 PM (PST)
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