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The Art Of Changing Your Life

The Art Of Changing Your Life Workshop Is For Anyone Looking To Make Changes In Their Life, Align With A Supportive Community And Are Ready To Turn Their Thoughts Into Things.
Join Our Community Of Manifestors And Learn The Art Of Changing Your Life
Virtual Workshop | New Dates Coming Soon | 5-7 PM (PST)

What Will You Learn At “The Art of Changing Your Life” Workshop?

The Power Of Your Thoughts

Understanding your thoughts is the first step in turning your dreams into a reality.

How To Take Action

Learn how to start taking baby steps in pursing your dreams.

Your Hidden Belief Systems

Uncover the beliefs you hold that are determining your perspective on the world.

Listening To Your Instincts and Hunches

Your instincts are a direct line of communication to the Universe.

Understanding Your Emotions

Our emotions serve as a shortcut to identify our hidden beliefs.

Having Faith In The Magical Universe

Fully trusting the process and allowing the Universe to work its’ magic.

The Meaning Of Life

What’s the point of it all?

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Throughout my life, I have witnessed family members and friends believing that life happens to them. They felt stuck and thought there was nothing they could do to be happy.  Even as a child, I knew this was not true, but I just did not have the skills necessary to communicate what I knew.
I am excited to facilitate this workshop because it outlines the process and tools available that we can all follow to change the parts of our life we don’t enjoy. I am very passionate about working with people on their journey to discover who they really are and attain what they desire.  We all have the power to change our life!

Is “The Art Of Changing Your Life” Workshop Right For You?

If you answer YES to any of the points below, then you belong in “The Art Of Changing Your Life” workshop…

You're ready to start living the life of your dreams

You're seeking more clarity and purpose on your life's path

You have gifts to share with the world but unsure where to begin

You feel there is something more for you

You're ready to take small steps towards your goals without feeling overwhelmed

You're ready to stop letting the past define who you are

You're wanting to practice more self love

You want to learn new tools and techniques to welcome in more peace and presence into your life

You want to be more confident and learn how to trust your intuition

You're curious how to live life more intentionally and deliberately

You want to let go of beliefs and emotions that no longer serve you

You're want to welcome in more joy and abundance into your life

… You’re ready toTHRIVE and not just survive!

— Attend The 3 Week Virtual Workshop —

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New Dates Coming Soon

It is strongly recommended that you attend the entire workshop.

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—What Can You Expect From Attending This Workshop?—

A better understanding of who you are and how life works

A literal understanding of what makes miracles and magic happen

A roadmap to making your thoughts become things

A community of like-minded individuals that you'll be able to connect with and support one another

Gift Yourself The Time To Be Fully Present, Bring Your Favorite Journal & Pen And Come With An Open Heart And Open Mind.

The Art Of Changing Your Life Workshop Includes:

9 hours of group coaching

The Art of Living Your Dreams 95 page manual

Weekly follow up emails with prompts to get you manifesting quicker

A community of like-minded individuals

Join Our Community Of Manifestors And Learn The Art Of Changing Your Life
Virtual Workshop | New Dates Coming Soon| 5-7 PM (PST)
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