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Uncover Your Personal Alchemy and Live Your Best Life Possible!

a magical process of transformation or creation

the process of taking something ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary

Become an Alchemist of Your Life…

There is an alchemist deep inside you that is waiting to be unveiled

A magician that’s eager to create a life of purpose

One that knows you’re capable of manifesting your most profound dreams

One that fully aligns with your heart and soul’s desire

You feel there is so much more for you than the life you’re currently leading

The yearning to make a positive impact and have meaning speaks to you every day

“I know I’m meant for something else. Something grander” says your heart

The biggest challenge is… you know more of what you don’t want in your life than of what you do want

But you’re ready to change that…

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Hi! I’m Jared Schuster, Your Life Alchemist Coach

I had just finished college and landed the ‘dream job’. The only problem was, it didn’t end up being the dream I was hoping for. I started asking myself “is this all there is to life?” 

I knew there was so much more meaning for me, I just couldn’t figure out what it was. 

Less than a year into the job, I had an ‘awakening’ that sparked a 10 year soul journey around the world studying with Yogis and Shamans to figure out my purpose. Today, I have so much gratitude that I have found it.

My expertise is: a Purdue University degree in Management with a concentration in Marketing, I am a certified life coach, 350 hours of yoga certification, surf instructor, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, world traveler, chef, retreat facilitator…Life Alchemist!

I’m a passionate, heart-centered idealist on a mission to guide you as you return to spiritual, mental, physical, emotional and financial balance.

Together we can discover what’s holding you back from living a purpose filled life.

We will:

1. Uncover your blockages

2. Dive into who you are and uncover your deepest desires

3. Create a roadmap to a life filled with joy, gratitude and abundance.

I’m going to help you spark your consciousness and unlock your alchemist within!


My Offerings

5 Minute Life Navigations- Free

In just 5 minutes, begin navigating your way to a more luminous life. Release anxiety, stress, anger, and even an unfulfilling career. Attract more success, productivity and sleep better!


Life Alchemy 8 Day Masterclass on Manifestation

(Self Guided)

Gift yourself an 8 day journey of exploration, manifestation and learn ways to uncover your Alchemist within!


Himalayan Kriya Breath Work

Detox your mind and gift yourself 144 years of cosmic evolution in one hour!

Join our community every Wednesday at 5pm (PST), on zoom, to study these ancient evolutionary breathing and meditation techniques.


Spark Your Consciousness; Become a Life Alchemist with One-on-One Spiritual Development Coaching

Join the Become a Life Alchemist program and unveil a clear roadmap to what you’re meant to do in life.

"Where to begin? At my most lost point in life, I met Jared. Traveling the high Andes in Ecuador with very little sense of self and direction, I had the honor of crossing paths with Jared. What started as a “random” interaction grew into a brotherly bond with the pursuit of growth. Mentally, Physically, and spiritually. Jared has always had a keen eye for helping others find their purpose and supporting their vision throughout. He understands that a path is more than one thing it accumulates all aspects of our journey. On my journey, he has helped me find my voice and use it he has garnered my compassion and confidence and he has done all this with a deep sense of humility and levity. Jared will meet you where you are and bring you to the level you imagine, helping you break down walls of self-doubt. My wall , was opening a sensory deprivation boutique. There is a way to alchemize your idea into being I learned from his process and pursued to break down the wall and open up Float Society. If you’re looking to alchemize your life I truly believe Jared can assist you in pursuit of your best version."

-Dominic Dastice, Founder, The Float Society (

Podcast Features

If you’re ready to:

  • Own your life and tap into its’ greatest potential

  • Live a life filled with meaning and purpose 

  • Release your past

  • Do work that fuels you 

  • Uncover aspects of yourself that’s holding you back from being who you’re meant to be

  • Turn your deepest dreams into a reality

  • Be fully confident in your path​​

     Then let me be your guide!

“There is no passion to be found playing small—in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”

-Nelson Mandela

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