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Begin Your Journey With 5 Minute Life Navigations


Gift yourself just 5 minutes and begin releasing stress and anxiety, let go of anger, and even navigate an unfulfilling career.

All you need is a pair of headphones and a few minutes of uninterrupted time to start seeing the powerful benefits of what these Life Navigations are capable of…

Isn’t it time to sleep better, wake up more rejuvenated, attract more success and lead a more productive and fulfilling day?

Why not start right now?

Life Alchemy 8 Day Self Guided Masterclass: Manifestation

Turn your dreams into a reality…

Learn 8 different grounding techniques that promote calmness, clarity and release.

Spend time learning about each stage of manifestation and how it applies directly to your life.

Dive deep into identifying who you are, where your belief systems come from, what’s holding you back and create a strong vision for your future.

Reconnect to self.

Gain access to a secret life alchemy online community.

Gift yourself less than 15 minutes a day!


Here’s What Some Happy Clients Are Saying:

"Where to begin? At my most lost point in life, I met Jared. Traveling the high Andes in Ecuador with very little sense of self and direction, I had the honor of crossing paths with Jared. What started as a “random” interaction grew into a brotherly bond with the pursuit of growth. Mentally, Physically, and spiritually. Jared has always had a keen eye for helping others find their purpose and supporting their vision throughout. He understands that a path is more than one thing it accumulates all aspects of our journey. On my journey, he has helped me find my voice and use it he has garnered my compassion and confidence and he has done all this with a deep sense of humility and levity. Jared will meet you where you are and bring you to the level you imagine, helping you break down walls of self-doubt. My wall , was opening a sensory deprivation boutique. There is a way to alchemize your idea into being I learned from his process and pursued to break down the wall and open up Float Society. If you’re looking to alchemize your life I truly believe Jared can assist you in pursuit of your best version."

-Dominic Dastice, Founder, The Float Society (

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